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Legacy Wills & Estates is the only law firm on the NSW South Coast that operates solely in the areas of Wills & Estates law.

Our dedication to this area of law ensures our clients receive expert advice from, and are represented by, experienced Wills & Estates Lawyers who have the necessary skills, empathy and passion for providing you with the best possible advice in this area.

Legacy Wills & Estates is modern and forward thinking, utilising the latest technology to make your experience with us as efficient, streamlined and personal as possible.

Come and see us at our Sydney or Milton locations.

Wills and Estate law is all about you.

Anthony Fondacaro
Principal Lawyer

LLB LLM (Applied Law: Wills & Estates)

Breanna Turley

LLB Bsc Psych

Josephine Wittman
Solicitor BA (Hons) LLB GDLP
Rebecca Squires
Practice Manager/Para Legal

Our services

Collaborative Law

Collaborative Practice is a form of dispute resolution which can help families avoid the heartache (and huge costs!) of litigation arising from Estate disputes.

Wills & Estate Planning

If you take the time to obtain thorough and effective Wills and Estate planning advice now you can save your family not only stress but money in what will undoubtedly be a difficult time for them.

Estate Litigation

At every stage of contesting or challenging a Will it is important to have sound, experienced legal advice. We have the skills to negotiate on your behalf to avoid costly court fees, but if it comes down to court we also have the skills to fight on your behalf.

Powers of Attorney

A Power of Attorney can be useful in many situations – from having someone take care of your affairs while you are travelling to times of extended illness.

Family Provision Claims

If you’ve been left out of a Will, or have been unfairly treated in terms of the amount of your inheritance you may be able to make a family provision claim against the estate.


An increasingly important aspect of your Estate Planning is getting the best possible advice in respect of your Superannuation.

Probate and Deceased Estates

Handling a deceased estate is one of the more difficult challenges in life. The mountains of paperwork, legal complexities and potential family disputes that make up Probate and Deceased Estate are the last things you want to tackle with when you’re grieving the loss of someone important in your life.

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