Legacy Wills and Estate

Answers to important questions

What is the best way to leave my house to my children?
Can I afford to move into a retirement home?
What are the daily costs to live in a retirement home?
How do I raise the RAD to go into aged care? And if my partner is sick?
Is the refundable deposit a set amount?
How much does funeral cost?
What are the benefits of a pre-paid funeral plan?
What happens if you die overseas or outside of the area?
What are the sharemarket risks in these uncertain times?
Can I write someone out of my will?
Can I leave assets to my grandkids instead of my children in my will?
What are the issues associated with a will and a blended family?
What is a binding financial agreement?
How do assets affect the Age Pension?
What can be done to better prepare for going into aged care?
Would a successful Labor Government affect dividend profitability?
How does Centrelink treat super contributions when you’re over 65?
How much money do I need to retire on?
What choices can I make for my funeral?
How do we know that the ashes we receive are those of our loved one?
What percentage of ashes are from the coffin?
Are there any laws regarding scattering a loved one’s ashes?
Are there any guidelines for repatriating ashes overseas?
Are there implications for downsizing a home sold after 1 July 2018?
The differences between ‘Power of Attorney’ and ‘Enduring Guardian’?
Should I have more than one Power of Attorney or Enduring Guardian?
How can I minimise my financial and estate planning costs for aged care?