Legacy Wills and Estate

Estate Litigation

If a person has left an informal testamentary document which does not comply with the formal legal requirements for a valid Will, we can apply to the Supreme Court to have that document recognized as the person’s last Will.

If you are concerned that a person may have signed their Will when they did not have legal capacity, or if the document is a fraud or was signed when they were subject to undue influence, the Will can be contested.

If you are a beneficiary in a Will and you are concerned that the Executor is not administering the Estate in a timely or appropriate manner, we can represent your interests to ensure that the Estate is administered in accordance with the Law.

At every stage of contesting or challenging a Will it is important to have sound, experienced legal advice. We have the skills to negotiate on your behalf to avoid costly court fees, but if it comes down to court we also have the skills to fight on your behalf.

Legacy Wills & Estates can help you if you have any concerns relating to a Deceased Estate.