Legacy Wills and Estate


For most of us our Superannuation is one of our two most valuable assets (with our home).

An increasingly important aspect of your Estate Planning is getting the best possible advice in respect of your Superannuation.

It does not form a part of your Estate to be dealt with in accordance with the terms of your Will and it therefore needs to be considered as a part of your Estate Planning.  This will ensure that your Superannuation benefits are paid in accordance with your wishes when you pass away.

Legacy Wills & Estates will advise you on who you are able to leave your Super and the tax implications of those choices.

If you have a Self Managed Fund, we will review the documents setting up the Fund (the Trust Deeds), because it is these documents which determine the rules of the fund, including who and how your Superannuation death benefits are paid upon your death.

We can also prepare Binding Death Benefit Nominations for you to ensure your wishes are expressed in a valid and legally binding way.

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